“Has he bought it before”

The legendary book from Ries&Trout called Positioning, the battle for Your mind, is a must read for every sales and marketing professional. As the book is already a little old fashioned, I have found a really good subsitute. Seth Godin has always been one of my gurus. I have read a lot of his books and blogs. Listened to his audiobooks, podcasts and watched Youtube clips.

By far the best one has been his podcast series ”Seth Godin’s start up school”. It’s a live recording from a few years back were Seth coaches young entrepreneurs in business, sales and marketing. One of the greatest lessons from this series of podcasts is his advise on segmentation and positioning. You have to be absolutely sure who is going to be the target group of Your product or service. You cant sell everything to everybody. At least You wont succeed in that way.

Once You have decided who is Your target group You have to keep in mind is it a new product You are launching or is it a better one of something already familiar to the target group? This is really important. The key question is ”has he or she bought it before?”. If there already is a similar product on the market You have to make sure that the one You are offering is different in a way that is interesting and relevant to the clients that You want to attract. This means that Your story has to be build in a way that differs from the noise of the market. If You market as all the others are marketing You wont succeed.

People will always compare Your product to the ones already on the market. Story and customer promise is a big differentiator. Make sure that You stand up from the crowd.

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