They never call You back

First. The client has no obligation to buy anything from You. Second. The client has no obligation to be active towards You during the sales process. Third. It’s up to You, and You only, to make sure that keep the client interested and close the sale.

It often disturbs me quite alot when business people whine about, how difficult it is to make business. The clients are annoying and dont run after them. And worse, they even refuse to meet them. It’s a tricky game, isn’t it?

Selling is more up to understanding human behaviour, than it is about knowing everything that there is to know about the product or service that You have for sale. In my experience, the best sales people are the ones that work in the best interest of the customer at all times. Not trying to push to much, but not letting the deal slip by either. They help the customer to find the things that matter and make sure that they give top class service all the way during the process. In other words, they make themselves indispensable. They have something called social intelligence.

That said. It’s not the clients obigation to keep the sales process up and running. At least not in a business that isn’t a monopoly. When dealing with competition, the best way to differ from the other players in one business field is to be more active and approachable.

As they say. They never call You back. The client that is. Be awake. Be more active. Be the one that wins the deal.

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