Winners quit

The old phrase ”Winners never quit. Quitters never win” has been challenged by marketing Guru Seth Godin. A man who has written several books over the years. One of my absolute favorites by him is a book called The Dip. The idea of the book is, that if You are not aiming to be the best in what You do, You can stop right now.

The book talks about several different human interests, professions and industries in an interesting way. One of the key findings is that true winners quit. Not everything, but doing things that do not take them in the right direction. If You are doing the wrong things or moving in the wrong direction, it does not matter how hard You work. You are not going to succeed. That is why You must all the time evaluate the things You doing and reflect them to the things You are trying to achieve.

Winners are those persons who now what things to quit and what not. That is essential when You want be the best in the world in Your profession. You must put all in the things that take You further and build competitive edge in way that leaves Your competitors in the Valley of death. The Dip, as it called in the book. A valley so wide that no one else but You will survive.

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